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Gsuite and Google DNS Checker

Date: 09/18/2017, Author: Lostwake, Category: Other

Great tool for checking DNS settings:

Awesome Free Yelp Widget

Date: 05/24/2017, Author: Lostwake, Category: Other

This is an awesome free yelp widget to display reviews on your website. Sad its no longer being updated but still seems to work as of today:

Great Paypal IPN and PDT Tutorials

Date: 05/17/2017, Author: Lostwake, Category: PHP Quick Reference

PDT Tutorial:

IPN Tutorial:

Line Art Creator

Date: 05/04/2017, Author: Lostwake, Category: Computer & Web

Cool Line Art Creator Website:

PHP Encoder

Date: 05/01/2017, Author: Lostwake, Category: PHP Quick Reference

Make PHP harder to read and steal:

Optimize and Convert Images Easily

Date: 04/24/2017, Author: Lostwake, Category: Computer & Web

Very easy resources for converting the optimizing images for the web.

JPG Optimizer:




Great Stock Photo Library

Date: 04/17/2017, Author: Lostwake, Category: Computer & Web

This is a great free stock photo library:

Free SSL Certs on your vertualmin servers

Date: 02/28/2017, Author: Lostwake, Category: Virtualmin & Server Tips

Found this great article on getting free SSL Certs on your vertualmin servers:


Here are the steps:

Configure and Setup Let’s Encrypt in Webmin / Virtualmin

  1. Login to Webmin / Virtualmin.
  2. Go to Webmin tab.
  3. Go to Webmin -> Webmin Configuration.
  4. Click or tap on Module Config link or button on the top left corner.
  5. In the text box for Full path to Let’s Encrypt client command, enter the full path to the Let’s Encrypt client executable. Click or tap Save when done.

Request and Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for Virtual Servers / Domains

  1. Go to Virtualmin tab.
  2. Select the virtual server / domain which you want to enable SSL protocol with SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt from the drop-down list.
  3. Select Edit Virtual Server.
  4. Go to Enabled Features.
  5. Check the SSL website enabled?. Hit Save Virtual Server when done.
  6. Now go to Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificate.
  7. Go to Let’s Encrypt tab.
  8. Under Request certificate for, select the radio button for Domains associated with this server which allows Virtualmin to automatically decide the domains for the SSL certificate (typically the root domain and its www subdomain), or Domain names listed here, where you can list the domain names (one per line) that you want to include in the SSL certificate manually.
  9. Virtualmin also supports auto renewal of Let’s Encrypt certificate. To do so, select the radio button next to the empty textbox for Months between automatic renewal option, then enter a number between 1 to 3 months in the text box.
  10. Hit Request Certificate when done.
  11. Once done, Virtualmin will automatically install SSL certificate and configure the web server to use the new certificate and key. You can now visit your website via HTTPS secure connection, which should automatically trusted by most web browsers, and see it protected with a padlock.

Cool Wood Tile Backgrounds

Date: 02/28/2017, Author: Lostwake, Category: CSS Tricks

Here is the link, lots of images what are very high quality:


Found this site as well: