TedX Event At The Temecula Community Theater

Date: 10/31/2015, Author: Lostwake, Category: Events

At the tedx event in temecula. So far the speakers are awesome. More to come in a bit.

Update 11/1/15: Check out Brian Noland, By far the most interesting speaker of the day.

October 31, 2015, 10AM-4PM


Ed Ettinghausen holds the world record for most 100-mile races in a year, completing 40 in 2014 at the age of 52. Known to many as “The Jester" for his trademark attire, Ettinghausen plans to keep running, while showing others how to make strides in their lives, one mile at a time.

Ingrid Adams has devoted years to nurturing the skills necessary to communicate confidently. Her commitment to debate, mock trial, and oration not only pushes herself, but challenges the perception of our youth’s ability to relate to others in a smartphone obsessed culture.

Michelle McGovern Stewart is a leading authority in demography and marketing who obsesses over generational data to understand and forecast our economy, unemployment, crime rates, education quality, industry growth and business success or failure.

Brian Noland knows a thing or two about biotechnology and how we test for disease. Next-generation recombinant antibodies and molecular enzyme reagents are his playground for rethinking how diagnostics are developed in order to reduce health care costs for all of us.

Denis Nurmela‚Äč started his first business at 9 years old and never looked back. Today, he draws on decades of business successes and failures to fill the minds of young entrepreneurs’ heads with knowledge and their hearts with hope and confidence.

Dionne Thomas is a master of rhythm and movement. As an avid dance fitness instructor, she helps guide people to love themselves and move confidently through the world, all while having crazy amounts of FUN.

Sara Cameron strengthens the connection between mind and body. With a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Bachelors in Psychology, Sara loves translating evidence-based theories and techniques into everyday practices that empower people to live more fulfilling lives.

Lee Koch exudes soulful Americana music that’s been home-grown in Temecula, seasoned on the road, and broadcast on NBC's 'The Voice' for all the world to hear. Lee is a family-focused California storyteller, who likes to keep life simple, adventurous, and lyrical.

The Honey Whiskey Trio explores harmony in folk, bluegrass and any melody that catches the ear. Through their powerful, yet sweet harmonies, body percussion, haunting melodies and vitality on stage, Honey Whiskey Trio captivates and moves audiences.